alfresco wcm quick start

alfresco community wcm quick start using a client and a server instead of having everything installed locally

  • edit server host file and add
    • edit.myalfresco
    • live.myalfresco
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/alfresco
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/share
  • follow the alfresco “create the web quick start site” instructions (note this is done in the Sites folder rather than the Web Projects folder !)
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/wcmqs
  • follow the alfresco “publishing content” instructions
  • navigate and login to  http://live.myalfresco:8080/wcmqs
you can even use alfresco as a front end to drupal by using the drupal cmis module

alfresco explorer
alfresco explorer

alfresco share
alfresco share

alfresco edit
alfresco edit site

alfresco live
alfresco live site


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