python funkload loadtesting

howto get python funkload loadtesting working

install python 2.6

install funkload

fix webunit bugs

# vi /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/webunit/

# domain-match the Domain attribute.
##if not server.endswith(domain):
##if not domain.endswith(server):
if not (domain.endswith(server) or server.endswith(domain)):
raise Error, ‘Cookie domain “%s” doesn\’t match ‘\
‘request host “%s”‘%(domain, server)
# reject if The request-host is a FQDN (not IP address) and
# has the form HD, where D is the value of the Domain
# attribute, and H is a string that contains one or more dots.
## if'[a-zA-Z]’, server):
## H = server[:-len(domain)]
## if ‘.’ in H:
## raise Error, ‘Cookie domain “%s” too short ‘\
## ‘for request host “%s”‘%(domain, server)

record a test by running the funkload proxy and setting firefox browser to use it

$ fl-record mywebsite

should create


autorun the test

$ fl-run-test -dv

autorun bench test(s)

$ fl-run-bench Mywebsite.test_mywebsite

$ fl-run-bench -c1:10:20 Mywebsite.test_mywebsite

create text and html reports

$ fl-build-report –no-percentiles mywebsite-bench.xml >mywebsite.txt
$ cat ~/efip.txt

$ fl-build-report –html –no-percentiles mywebsite-bench.xml
$ firefox file:///~/test_efip-20110309T173138/index.html

NOTE: watch out for correct use of case of mywebsite and Mywebsite

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