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pixelpipe anytime anywhere

Not only does pixelpipe let you upload photo(s) to dozens of BMNs & SMNs in a single click it is now available for hundreds of different devices !

If you are a googlefan you can even connect it indirectly to your googlebuzz account and use pixelpipe with mobile app on your googledroid !

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Brighton Pavilion goes GREEN !

The UK now has its first ever Green Party MP thanks to the voters of Brighton Pavilion ! and many congratulations to Dr Caroline Lucas !

caroline lucas

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the independent orange 2010 election special !

Yesterday's Independent UK 2010 election special edition newspaper was sponsored by orange ! By sponsored i mean EVERYadvertisement in the paper was an orange mobile or orange android advert !

the independent orange 2010 election special !the independent, orange, 2010, election special !the independent, orange, 2010, election special !android pixelpipe

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moving & swapping google apps domains

If you are getting the error Error: This domain name has already been used as an alias or domain when you are trying to move or swap a Google Apps domain alias or primary domain try either waiting for at least five days or delete the existing primary account in order to create a new primary account.

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android mobiles are already only £20/month in the UK !

You can now get an android for only £20/month from two UK networks (three & vodafone) ! The downsides are the 24 month contract term and that they are slighter older HTC and Samsung models ! but you could always pay an extra £10-15/month if you really want the SONY 8M pixel X10 android !

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Its not too late to switch from NING to VOX !

NING will be closing ALL their free-of-charge BMNs and SMNs in Jul 2010 !  

Over the last few years NING have built up one of the biggest 'free-of-charge' Business Media Network and Social Media Network customer bases on the web but they now plan to start charging everyone an average of $10/month/network from July 2010 !

I imagine they are assuming that their revenue will to go from £0M to £100M within the year – this may well be true – provided of course that enough of their customers don't switch to alternatives to NING such as VOX, WebJam or WetPaint than continue to be FREE OF CHARGE !

You can read aout all the new non-free NING pricing plans @ !

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pixelpipe support

pixelpipe (bmn & smn uploader for androids and firefox) support is available on getsatisfaction if you are having problems with pixelpipe such as it losing tags when uploading to vox.

you can also find some great tips on routing tags at

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brighton festival fm radio 87.7

Brighton Festival Radio starts today Sat 1st May 10 until Sun 23rd May 10 and is your 24/7 guide to what’s on in this year’s Brighton Festival.

From 1 May at 10am when we go live with presenters, we’ll have in depth listings, daily hot picks and competitions, plus  reviews of the best bits and feature interviews and daily performances.

And if you have a google android (rather than an apple iphone !) with skyfire browser that has adobe flash player support you'll be able to listen to 87.7 on your mobile phone !

android mobile with skyfire browser showing brighton festival radio 87.7 homepageandroid mobile with skyfire browser

Also keep an eye on the Brighton Festival Blog for entries on previous years and this year !

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