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Eclipse Europa IDE Packages


Eclipse, Aptana, EasyEclipse or Zend PDT

Eclipse, Aptana, EasyEclipse or Zend PDT ! Which one do you use for PHP web development ?

Eclipse is an IDE for editing PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS files and more !

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Eclipse Classic 3.4.1 IDE & SDK

The latest version of the Eclipse IDE & SDK for Apple Mac OS/X and GNU/Linux developers is Eclipse Classic 3.4.1  and contains the Eclipse Platform, Java Development Tools, and Plug-in Development Environment, including source and both user and programmer documentation.

Eclipse Classic 3.2, 3.3 and even older versions can be found at:

and the Aptana Eclipse Studio & PHP Plugins which can be installed on 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4 can be found at:

and can be installed via Eclipse Software Update:

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EasyEclipse IDE Distributions

EasyEclipse distributions are prepackaged releases of Eclipse that provides a fully functional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for a specific type of development such as Java, PHP, Python or Ruby.

NOTE : Do not install EasyEclipse in a directory with a space in it since it will instantly crash !

Each distribution contains everything you need to start developing code, without any additional downloads. Note that there are two releases for some distributions:

  • EasyEclipse 1.2.2 is the previous stable release, based on Eclipse 3.2.2. All EasyEclipse plugins are working on this release.
  • EasyEclipse 1.3.1 is a new release based on Eclipse 3.3.1. Not all distributions, and not all plugins, are available yet in that release.

EasyEclipse Plugins:

EasyEclipse Bugs & Feature Requests:

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WordPress Turbo !

Turbo: Speed up WordPress

WordPress now has support for Google Gears, which adds new features to your web browser. After you install and enable Gears, most of WordPress’ images, scripts, and CSS files will be stored locally on your computer.
This speeds up page load time but don’t install on a public or shared computer.

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Google has finally broken !

I just used Google to search for JavaScriptWebServices and got 51,000,000 which was completely UNEXPECTED.
It seems that Google had decided to split my single 'word' search into two separate words and if i want to stop Google 'splitting' my keywords i have to enclose them in ""'s as in "JavaScriptWebServices" and only then get the < 10 results I waqs expecting !

So when did Google start arbitarily changing users queries and how can I stop them doing it again ?

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