Aptana 1.2 Eclipse IDE and plugin


4 thoughts on “Aptana 1.2 Eclipse IDE and plugin

  1. Olivier

    How Aptana version of Eclipse is better (or not) than the one from Eclipse.org it self ? Is it leighter, better build, run faster ? I always had trouble with Eclipse as it's never clear to me why there are so much way to select one IDE :s (The most drawback for me being why I should have a really powerfull computer to just run the ide… That's no sense for me)

  2. osde8info

    I've never successfully installed from eclipse.org and my fav varient is actually EasyEclipse (for PHP) but Aptana (for PHP) now have some very exciting AJAX, Adobe AIR, Ajaxer and Cloud Computing dev env integrations.

  3. Olivier

    This is something I don't like with eclispe.. too many different distribution, and now center point to select one that might fit you need :s I'll get a look at EasyEclipse !

  4. osde8info

    there is a upside/downside to easy eclipse in that it locks you in to easy eclipse plugins only so they tend to all work whereas aptana is available as a plugin itself and lets you install any other plugins but doing this can break everything !

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