Aptana Eclipse PHP

If you are using the Aptana PHP Eclipse plugin you cant disable plugins in the usual place !

Aptana have created an extra plugin screen

The Aptana PHP Eclipse plugin is very powerful and can do a lot of code formatting for you !

aptana eclipse ide php
aptana eclipse ide php

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6 thoughts on “Aptana Eclipse PHP

  1. robinmitra

    I have been testing Zend Studio for sometime. It is impressive, but a lot of features are not needed for someone who doesn't works alone. One thing Zend Studio doesn't have is simple FTP workflow, like Dreamweaver, which is there in the new Aptana. If Zend had that, it would be complete for me…BTW, I just read somewhere that PDT is going to start working on PHP code formatting soon. I'm ATM testing Komodo Edit. It is pretty fast. Lets see how it goes..

  2. Fiji Web Design

    I think going with PDT was the better option. That way efforts can be focused on a single project. The FTP/SSH sync option is quite awesome. By default you have to sync manually but using a bit of JavaScript to handle the save callback, you can sync after each save.

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