Is JavaScript taking over from PHP ?

Aptana Jaxer & Mozilla now let you do loads of things "natively" that you used to have to do in PHP !

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3 thoughts on “Is JavaScript taking over from PHP ?

  1. Eol Ruin

    On the long run … maybe yes.Also today it's impossible to turn it of (unless you are a fan of Web 1.0).So I would guess that more and more will be done on client side again.

  2. sandman

    Interesting post and definitely some things that people will be using more and more but, my opinion? I don't think Javascript will take over any other technology anymore than any of the others will take over what Javascript does. There's always been a lot of overlap between technologies and just because one does it (sometimes even better than another) doesn't mean that the others will go away or drop out of the picture. I work in .net everyday, and even so I know its not the only approach nor the best approach in many cases, but it does certain things well. Even though there are people out there that say that it will become more and more of a .net world, and thats what I code in (because my work requires it), I wholeheartedly disagree. I feel the same about both that PHP was the primary way to do some of the things above, and that Javascript will end up taking over. Just not going to happen. PHP will live on, Javascript will too and most likely their technologies will overlap leaving the choices up to the programmers themselves 🙂 That's the way it should be anyway! I am glad to see some of the things that you can do with Javascript today as it is a nice scripting language to write in.

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